AlcoBloc™ – a flexible, economical, easy to use but non-invasive solution that helps in the prevention of drink driving

According to the U.S.A.’s National Highway Transit Safety Authority (NHTSA), driving while under the influence of alcohol kills a US citizen every 52 minutes. In fact, per their data, nearly 30 percent of total highway fatalities, equaling over 10,000 persons, over the past five years have been due to drunk driving. On the global front, in 2019 report the World Health Organization (WHO) said that: Around 2.3 billion people around the world currently consume alcohol and that 28% of the deaths reported were due to alcohol related injuries (traffic crashes, self-harm and interpersonal violence).

To help combat these unnecessary deaths and prevent accidents, the US Senate is currently proposing a possible solution in their $1TN infrastructure bill. Currently included in this bill is a requirement that some type of alcohol monitor be placed in ALL new cars to help prevent drunk driving. While the specifics have not been confirmed, this pending 2,700-page bill includes a mandate for new auto safety standards, mandating that some type of alcohol detection system be placed in all new cars by 2027.

YATAG Security recognized the market need for a flexible, economical, easy to use but non-invasive solution that helps in the prevention of drunk driving, and designed the AlcoBloc™ Security Device. AlcoBloc™ was introduced at the renowned Milipol Security Expo in France, in 2019, in their new technologies pavilion and received strong reviews. This security device is a complete program that assists in the safety against those under the influence of alcohol, whether it be in the workplace, on the highway, or in your own home.

Because of its flexibility, the AlcoBloc™ Security Device, can be implemented for commercial, industrial and personal use. The device is powered by a custom Smart Phone app that syncs a portable, precise breath tester with a robust padlock via Bluetooth. Once the padlock is secured to the object to be safeguarded, the padlock will only open if a negative breath test is provided. AlcoBloc™ is:

–           Versatile – The device is not hard wired into a particular vehicle’s ignition like current interlock devices which limit access to others, apart from the offenders. AlcoBloc™ can be easily removed and placed on any item, any time. It can be attached to any heavy equipment, vehicle, storage cabinets, bike, boat, anything.

–           Economical – Like the current devices on market, there is no need to have it calibrated and checked every month at the original installation site. The AlcoBloc™ Kit is self-owned and there are no extra monthly maintenance costs.

–           Comprehensive System – Once the Kit is implemented, to support the Administrator/Account Supervisor, AlcoBloc™ Security Device provides a secure Data Server where Administrator can access all data of tests taken, including a photo of the subject with time, date & GPS location. Among other things, AlcoBloc™ Data Server can be configured so individual test data can be emailed after each breath test attempt. Option for report generation is also available.

Unfortunately, drunk driving and those under the influence of alcohol affecting those around them is not a problem that will be ending any time soon. YATAG Security identified this and created AlcoBloc™ cutting edge technology.  Don’t Risk It, Bloc It.

YATAG Security is dedicated in providing groundbreaking, user friendly yet reliable security devices. The AlcoBloc™ Safety Device, patent pending, is a Smart Phone app-controlled security device that prohibits access to individuals under the influence of alcohol. A Smart phone App for those incapacitated by drugs, lack of sleep, is expected to launch in final quarter 2021.  For more information, please visit or please contact us at for more information.

Mark Lambert
Author: Mark Lambert



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