Bollé Safety’s new Healthcare Range: Covered eyes save lives

In the current health situation, protecting employees has never been more important. Eye protection is an excellent physical barrier that helps slow the spread of viruses. In fact, numerous international studies show that the eyes are a possible gateway for the virus to enter the body and that it is therefore necessary to protect them, in addition to other PPE. 

Bollé Safety, whose expertise has been focusing exclusively on eye protection in the workplace, is committed to the fight against the spread of the virus. The objectives of the brand are to design, manufacture and market eye protection adapted to the specific needs of each user, combining comfort, protection, and style. It also places innovation at the heart of its values in order to offer technical performance that exceeds standards.

As a result, the company developed PLATINUM: an exclusive hardened anti-fog coating on both sides of the lens which guarantees the ultimate visibility and safety. This coating, available on prescription and plano eyewear, considerably delays the appearance of fogging and is extremely scratch-resistant, exceeding all international standards.

In order to guarantee not only healthcare professionals but also each individual optimum protection against the virus, Bollé Safety has created the HEALTHCARE range, which includes protective glasses, goggles and face shields. Aware that the appearance of fog on the lens is one of the most recurring problems for professionals when wearing a respiratory mask, Bollé Safety has engineered its range accordingly. HEALTHCARE’s products are accessible to all, simple to use, easy to clean and are designed to considerably slow down the appearance of fog, thus guaranteeing perfect vision and protection for highly exposed users.

The HEALTHCARE range includes in particular NINKA. Healthcare professionals will appreciate its ergonomics, comfort and splash protection. Combining resistance and lightness thanks to its pressure-free temples and curved P.E.T. eye protection, NINKA is optimised to be worn simultaneously with respiratory masks. This ensures a safer working environment for anyone who may be in physical contact with others.

Since its creation, Bollé Safety has made it its mission to protect the vision of all workers, in the 4 corners of the world, in the most extreme environments and to improve their performance. In these sanitary times, this mission has never been more meaningful, and Bollé Safety is proud to help, in a modest way, the men and women who are fighting to protect life.

Mark Lambert
Author: Mark Lambert



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