Congratulations to V2M Pharma Ltd for being listed on the BSiF Registered Supplier Scheme!

If you see the RSS shield then you know you are purchasing from a competent supplier.

When V2M Pharma started in business they made a promise to provide only the best quality medical and PPE supplies, with safety, quality and efficacy at the core of our service.

This gold standard in customer service and quality has led us to supply materials to a vast international network, comprising over 6,000 pharmacies. These principles have shaped our offering since our inception in 2018, with high standards observed across our entire logistics process.

As part of their continual need to improve and develop they have been accredited with BSiF Registered Safety Supplier status meaning that you can be sure you will only be supplied with genuine, appropriately approved product and you will receive sound advice without any attempt to mislead you.

Check out their business directory listing.

Mark Lambert
Author: Mark Lambert



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