Coronavirus: How safe is it to return to school? Here are the lessons learnt from other countries

Schools are reopening fully across Scotland from Tuesday and Prime Minister Boris Johnson says it is a “national priority” for the same to happen in England next month.

But as the UK government faces widespread calls to boost coronavirus testing and tracing in order to reopen schools, how safe is it to send children back to the classroom?

Here, Sky News looks at what the experts say and what lessons can be learnt from other countries.

schools return explainer
Is it safe for kids to be back in school?

Are under 18s less at risk from coronavirus?

The government is keen to suggest that’s correct.

Mr Johnson said in a newspaper article over the weekend that his top scientific advisers – known as SAGE – have told him the risk of children becoming “severely ill from coronavirus is low”.

Education Secretary Gavin Williamson has also insisted there is “little evidence that the virus is transmitted at school”, while care minister Helen Whately says the risk there is “very low”.

Source – Sky News

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