Gas Hazards Are Invisible, but Your People Don’t Have to Be

As a safety leader in your organization, it is important for you to eliminate or reduce risk, keep your team safe, and manage team productivity. But how will you succeed without visibility into your workforce and the dangers they face in real time?

Introducing iNet® Now

iNet® Now is live monitoring software that sends text, email, and on-screen alerts for gas hazards, panic, and man-down situations allowing you to respond to incidents as they happen. With iNet Now, you can have confidence that your workers are safe even when you or your teams are working remotely.

Live Monitoring Applications

By using Ventis® Pro Series Multi-Gas Monitors, Radius® BZ1 Area Monitors, and a compatible gateway, you can easily monitor any of the following in real time:

  • In-Plant Locations
  • Tank Farms
  • Mobile Workers
  • Confined Spaces
  • Perimeters
  • Emergency Situations


Verify worker status and location in real time by viewing a map, and respond faster and with more information when an incident occurs.


Receive notifications and respond immediately when a worker encounters danger, such as a high gas alarm, or activates panic or man-down alerts.


Ensure the safety and security of every worker, regardless of location, in real time.


Use data to improve reporting, analyze worker and instrument trends, and make informed decisions about your safety program.

Getting Started Is Easy

iNet Now implementation requires Ventis Pro Series or Radius BZ1 gas monitors, a communication gateway, and a web-enabled device such as a laptop computer. No IT setup is required.

Implement Live Monitoring Today

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Rebecca Lambert
Author: Rebecca Lambert


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