Moldex is a leading manufacturer of hearing and respiratory products. Our products are created with the concept of making PPE easier, safer and more comfortable for the end-user by using innovative ideas and technologies. With huge emphasis on research and development, Moldex are continuously developing new ideas and technologies. A key factor to our success lies in our attention to detail both in product development and process technology. We make almost all product components in house, down to weaving the elastic straps on our FFP’s. We even make the machines that make the products, enabling us to keep improving & innovating our ranges.


Moldex FFP masks offer reliable protection against particles in the air we breathe. Standard on all our FFP’s and unique to Moldex, ActivForm allows the masks to adjust flexibly to the shape of the users face and their facial movements. As a result, our FFP’s are easy to wear and sit securely and comfortably on the skin at all times, without the need for a nose clip. The DuraMesh structure preserves the shape of the mask under even the most testing conditions. Our latest additions to the FFP range include reusable options to help reduce waste and save money.

Half Mask and Full Face Masks

Moldex Half and Full Face masks are made of soft TPE material which is gentle on the skin. The Moldex range offers an innovative product design which is extremely light weight, offering high levels of comfort and easy handling. Depending on the design and choice of filter, Moldex half masks offer reliable protection against particles, gases and vapours. They are comfortable, easy to use and require minimal maintenance.

Hearing Protection

Moldex hearing protection offers reliable protection against noise. Our protective earplugs, banded earplugs and earmuffs are user friendly and comfortable to wear. Covering a wide range of attenuation levels, this allows you to choose suitable hearing protection whatever level of noise you are protecting against.

Due to its environment impact all Moldex products and packaging have been 100% PVC free since 2008.

Rebecca Lambert
Author: Rebecca Lambert


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