Before the Coronavirus pandemic, PPE providers were unsung heroes working hard to keep workers safe. As hospitals, councils and care homes struggled to source enough personal protective equipment companies like South East Workwear came into their own.

A family-owned and run business with Adrian and Viv Burton at the helm, South East Workwear stepped up working under extreme stress and conditions. The team have been brilliant, working all the way through lockdown trying to get as much PPE to the Councils, Hospitals and to businesses too so that they can work safely.

They have just provided Miele with a very sizable batch of PPE to enable the team based in Abingdon to return to work safely, this includes, Masks, Hand Sanitiser, Visors, Social Distancing Hi vis and Nitrile Gloves.  Adrian said:

“It has been great to build so many new relationships with customers struggling to secure PPE and we now have connections with many Hospitals and local authorities across the country.”

South East Workwear are only too aware of the fake PPE and over-inflation of prices which has blighted the industry and flooded the market. Unlike so many of the new ‘experts’ to the PPE market, Adrian and his team sell their PPE at recommended retail prices or below. Due to the experience and knowledge of Adrian and his colleagues, they were able to source genuine products and distribute them to those most in need. 

Earlier in the year South East Workwear opened their Abingdon Superstore which has a large dedicated PPE section. Products include IIR masks, builders masks, visors, gloves and hand sanitiser, basically everything you need to keep safe at work! The team worked so hard to get the section set up for the benefit of customers.

The company doesn’t just sell PPE and workwear, they also provide branded workwear to a multitude of companies and organisations. Adrian shared:

“We have also been busy making uniforms for the Oxford NHS Trusts too as well as many councils and key workers and the entire team have pulled together to make this happen, its great to now have such a dedicated team of people all pulling together to try and make things happen for companies and I am extremely proud of them all.”

On behalf of everyone you have helped, advised and supported through this really difficult time- thank you! Adrian, Viv and the team, you are true PPE Heroes and the industry is lucky to have you as part of it.

Rebecca Lambert
Author: Rebecca Lambert


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