Review of MSA V-Gard 950 Class 2 by Kate Hardy, Gecko Health and Safety

The MSA V-Gard 950 Class 2 is made from acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) and provides protection against molten metal, although I hope to never have to test this!

The anti-static assembly is crucial for the electricity sector workers it is aimed at. Complying with EN397, EN50365 (helmet), and to EN166 and GS-ET-29 Class 2 7kA (integrated arc-flash visor), it is ideal for demanding electrical environments. It is incredibly well-balanced and provides a good level of comfort for prolonged use, fully and easily adjustable with arc flash ear and neck protection, face protection being provided by the full-face visor.

The visor slides neatly away inside the helmet when not required. The visor offers protection against chemical splash and UV radiation, in addition to arc flash and molten metal. The helmet and visor fit well, I wear glasses and adjustments can be made to prevent any annoying rubbing or knocking of your eyewear. The visor has an anti-fog /anti scratch coating. I am assured that all elements of the helmet are replaceable to maintain compliance with HSE requirements. A great scheme from MSA means that you can recycle your helmet when it does reach the end of its service.

I believe the helmet is priced around £190, I’d say this is very good value for money given the level of protection being offered. The arc flash ear and neck protectors can be replaced with hearing protection if required. The V-Gard 950 Class 2  comes with a great carry bag to prevent the helmet getting damaged when not in use, most of us are guilty of throwing our safety helmets in our vehicles at the end of the day.

I often find that my hair can be an issue with hard hats. The adjustments pull or snag, but the 360° ratchet dial, means I can comfortably keep my hair out of the way, inside the helmet and adjust it to the perfect fit.

Overall, it is a well-balanced, comfortable helmet, offering a great level of protection in high-risk environments. The visor can be a bit tricky to retract, this is due to the safety feature that prevents the visor retracting in the event of an incident, however the tips information sheet shows how to retract the visor easily with one hand.







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Rebecca Lambert
Author: Rebecca Lambert


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