smart hard hats

What is a Smart Hard Hat?

A smart hard hat is a hard, rigid protective helmet that has technology embedded in it, usually in the form of sensors. Technology is used to track and monitor safety conditions and also employee behaviour. Data monitored may include – 

  • Respiration
  • Fatigue
  • Perspiration
  • Movement (or lack of)

A smart hat may also alert the wearer about issues that need to be addressed or a change in the environment. For example if the worker is at risk due to excess heat, an alarm or notification may alert the wearer.  

Why use a Smart Hard Hat?

Smart PPE can provide an extra level of employee safety while monitoring the environment and the individual’s condition. Smart hard hats are often connected to the internet so that data can be collected and analysed. A mass collection of data can help managers to analyse trends, predict behaviours and work to keep the workforce as safe as possible. Smart hard hats with movement sensors can provide extra reassurance for lone workers and those working in particularly high risk situations.

What are the downsides to Wearable Technology?

Concerns have been raised about worker’s privacy and questions have been asked about the ethical implications of ‘tracking’ the workforce. Some experts also believe that by using technology to reinforce safe behaviour, individuals are less likely to take responsibility for their own safety.

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Author: Rebecca Lambert


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