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In today’s market, PPE is no longer the manufacturing of face masks, strips of cloth with two strings attached, it’s about fighting a global pandemic and saving lives. And this fight is not against a single enemy, but rather two enemies, the coronavirus and PPE counterfeiters.

Today, the counterfeiting of respiratory face masks is responsible for havoc happening across different countries that are struggling against the pandemic. Customers buy masks from reputable commonly used online shopping platforms to later find out that the masks were fake and that they are infected with the virus despite taking precautionary steps. And this is the tip of the iceberg. In the past few months shipments of fake PPE were distributed in many medical facilities across the globe.

The public is scared and needs reassurance, which in theory could be accommodated with the use of PPE, but in reality, with so many continuous reports of fake face masks going around, that reassurance is fragile at best.

That is why solutions must be put in place, and there are solutions that are being used today.
For example, many large PPE manufacturers are pursuing criminals that counterfeit their certified approved face masks and take them to court. The problem with that approach is that until those criminals are persecuted it will take time and in that time more fake face masks are manufactured and supplied to more innocent customers.

The cycle needs to stop, and in order to stop it, we need to refrain from cutting off small operations, rather than strengthen our own, tackle the problem from our playing field, the place we have control over, using reputable manufacturer’s supply chains. By using existing solutions such as Secured by Dotz™

Having solutions that are embedded into the very supply chain, that take into account each mask or package on both the physical and the digital level. Solutions that can be tracked and monitored to see where things went wrong, and enables us to take control over the supply chain, making sure we don’t give counterfeiters any chance.

Manufacturers that will adapt smart technological solutions such as Dotz’s, will make a huge step towards winning their customer’s trust.

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Written by Yoav Reshef Gissin, an Authentication Specialist for Dotz tech.

Dotz is a technology leader, specializing in the development and marketing of novel advanced carbon-based materials used for tracing, anti-counterfeiting and product-liability solutions.

The company’s unique products ValiDotz™, BioDotz™, Fluorensic™, and InSpec™ are exceptional solutions for numerous applications, such as anti-counterfeiting, brand & reputation protection, oil & gas industry, liquids tagging, lubricants authentication, polymers tagging, and bio-imaging, as well as a new ability being developed for in-plant-tagging

Rebecca Lambert
Author: Rebecca Lambert


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