There are gains to be made on so many levels.

At Power Towers we are continually expanding our range of innovative product to help revolutionise the way you carry out your work. Power Towers simply offers a better way to work at low level heights, creating a safer and more sustainable working environment whilst improving productivity to place your company at the forefront of the industry.

Power Towers is a world leading provider of low-level access solutions. A wholly owned subsidiary of JLG Industries, we have a range of machines specifically designed for the oil and gas industry.

We manufacture the Pecolift-X and Ecolift-X, our non-powered access solutions for hazardous work areas. These push around solutions can be used in a variety of applications such as those found in oil refining facilities and petrochemical industries.

Designed specially for the oil and gas, and hazardous industries, the battery and electric power free ‘X’ is an upgraded and highly specified version of the standard products. Including increased ballast, A4 stainless components and a rugged 3 stage paint process. The ATEX versions are certified to work in highly restricted areas.

Maximum working heights range from 3.50m (Peco-X) up to 4.20m (Eco-X). The Eco-X and Peco-X offer unlimited lift cycles and can be used 24/7. The robust design will guarantee years of trouble-free service.

By using low level access, you can significantly reduce time lost from accidents and RSI complaints. Just think of the extra costs of absenteeism, project delays and possible fines from local authorities. In addition to the improved safety the low-level access machines also increase productivity by eliminating the time needed to build up and take down scaffolding. The platforms also easily adjust up and down reaching the required working height comfortable and efficient position. Improving work speed and accuracy. Also, the reduced footprint of the Power Tower machines, and their low weight improves maneuverability and increases application flexibility. Especially where space and weight are key factors.

Low level access solutions are quite simply a safer, smarter and a better way of working.

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Mark Lambert
Author: Mark Lambert



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