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Award-winning Safety Footwear Brand

V12 Footwear are thrilled to have been named, by the Gamechangers 2021 Global Awards, as the ‘UK Niche Oil & Gas Industry Provider of The Year’, following several years of winning previous awards for work done dedicated to the industry. V12 Footwear are a family-owned British safety footwear brand, founded in 1998 with a passion for keeping people safe and comfortable.

Following an acquisition of their sister company, in the early 2000’s, they have been developing and supplying boots to the Energy sector for over 20 years; working with leading companies such as BP (case study) to help reduce workplace accident and especially slips, trips and falls. The V12 product range has been developed based on the demand of the industry and all products are truly built for purpose, from the cold and wet of the North Sea, right around the globe to the hot and humid regions of south-east Asia.

The Boots

V12 have developed a diverse range of safety footwear which offers unbeatable protection and day-long comfort. From oil platforms to storage depots and land rigs to supply ships, our wearers work in some of the hardest, most unpredictable environments.

But the high standards don’t stop there; V12 are continuously investing time and resource into product development and rigorous testing to deliver durable footwear that exceeds even the most stringent safety standards.

V12 works closely with industry specialists to identify and research the hazards and challenges that workers within the industry face. Once complete, the team starts work on developing new footwear with leading technology and the highest quality materials. This is a process that V12 continue, continuously developing new solutions and designs that allow wearers to work confidently, comfortably and safely.


As leading industry experts, V12 recognise how important foot health is to make certain that you return home in comfort. For this reason, time invested in development is crucial to ensure that you continue to step up in comfort when wearing their footwear.

Slips, Trips and Falls

The Oil & Gas industry is no exception when it comes to Slips, Trips and Falls being one of the single biggest contributors to workplace injury. Kennedy Grating, scaffold boards and metal ladders are just a few of the common surfaces that are worked on daily. Now throw in sea water, drill mud and rain and you really do have a challenge staying on your feet.

V12 are one of the few safety footwear brands to design and create their own slip-resistant soles. This was done through a collaborative process which all started with the wearer. Workshops were run, with both wearers and Health and Safety Advisors, to fully understand the demands and challenges faced every day. Working with many other parties including tyre manufactures for compound analysis, biomechanics experts for gait and flexibility requirements and last but not least, leading test laboratories to test and test, and test again.



When looking at their latest innovation in outsole technology, the Intelligent Grip System, you experience a sense of awe when you realise it took over three years of development; and has been rightly awarded the ‘Most slip-resistant multi-purpose sole’ on the market to date, backed up by the HSE’s very own GRIP test, with the sole achieving a 4* result.


Industry-leading Audit and Trial Process

Is your workforce wearing the right footwear for the job? Have you enabled them to be fully protected, the safest they can be?

The V12 unrivalled audit and trial process improves compliance and gives you the peace of mind that every person in your workforce is wearing the right boots for the job. With this audit, you can be sure that everything has been done to ensure your staff get home safely.


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