Virimask – a cost-effective mask with unrivalled safety and comfort.

Virimask is the creation of respected, successful Medtech innovator Prof. Noam Gariely. His work over many years on personal protection from chemical and biological threats has resulted in a unique patent pending mask solution.

Offering, the highest degree of protection, comfort, and communication clarity in a cost effective and environmentally considerate solution.

Virimask Advantages

  • Excellent personal comfort: Minimal skin pressure for extended wear, suitable for all NHS shift lengths
  • Clear communication – impressive audible communication
  • CE marked and laboratory tested- exceeds N95’s 0.3 micron particle protection
  • Environmental consideration; re-usable mask. The frame is made from 100% recyclable, elastic biocompatible materials
  • Low resistance filtering ensures maximum respiratory flow- allows comfortable breathing!
  • Cost and environment effective 60-hour filters
  • Integrated eye protection; prevents ocular infection/contamination


The Covid-19 pandemic has left us vulnerable and unsure of how safe we are in the workplace or how much to venture into public. The lack of proper PPE against the coronavirus continues to be a problem. Wearing a cloth or surgical mask can help prevent the spread of Covid-19, but that’s not reliable. The N95 mask is a popular mask used by key workers for protection during Covid-19. Even though N95s were designed to be disposed of after a single use, medical staff on the front lines are often using a single N95 for a week or more. Then what happens? The material degrades. The elastic ties weaken. The gaps between mask and face widen further. The N95 is also ignores the eye as a potential route of infection

Introducing Virimask

Virimask has evaluated and identified the weaknesses of the N95 to develop a more effective personal protection solution. Improving bacterial and viral filtration, comfort of breathing and clarity of communication. The final protocol has been developed to reflect these advantages.

Filters more than 99.99% of Covid-19

Virimask’s high filtration system is designed to protect against 99.995% of all particles sized 0.1 micron and above, including the coronavirus. Current masks on the market such as the N95 capture only 95%. This improved level of protection has been achieved without sacrificing user comfort in long term use with 60 hour filters.


Virimask has developed to cover the eyes in addition to the mouth and nose due to the growing body of research indicating eye conjunctiva is a point of entry. Most current masks such as N95 only cover the mouth and nose. Virimask was designed to function in all settings, from Hospitals to care homes. Consistent testing shows that the Virimask adds no burden to your breathing.  Comfort equals safety in situations where it’s important to leave the mask in place.

The Future

Ultimately, any mask of this type can only be as good as the fit. The N95 is a one size fits all approach. Virimask is working towards a customised fitted mask approach. Presently there are two sizes available, but we are working towards the customised fit approach.


Pentland Medical are hosting a free webinar on Wednesday the 23rd of September at 10 am UK time, where they will be joined by serial inventor and creator of the Virimask, Professor Noam Gavriely. Further information and registration link by clicking here.

Mark Lambert
Author: Mark Lambert



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