Win £50,000 of free slip tests this Sliptember!

HSE People Panel member, Christian Harris, is spearheading the Sliptember campaign to raise awareness about the importance of slip safety throughout September.

And, putting his money where his mouth is, Christian is giving away £50,000 of free HSE-approved slip tests for people supporting the campaign.

Slips are the biggest cause of accident, injury and claim in most sectors.

Over 300,000 people go to A&E each year after a slip, leading to 1.5m+ NHS bed days.

AXA Insurance alone pays out 380m of claims annually.

There have been several six-figure criminal fines for slips, too – with Tesco seeing a £733,333 fine in early 2020.

And yet, in spite of the data, slips are too often overlooked. “It won’t happen to us”… “Our insurance covers us, anyway”… “Slips are inevitable”… “Slips aren’t that serious”… “Slips are a bit funny”…

To address this, Sliptember aims to:

  1. Challenge the misperception that slips are inevitable, simple-to-solve, and even funny
  2. Promote the proven science of slip prevention, which typically sees 50%+ reductions in accidents
  3. Encourage government to legislate slip testing as an annual requirement in buildings in the UK


Christian said:

“Over the last 10+ years I have supported over 5,000 buildings to reduce the risk of slips-and-falls. I’ve deconstructed exactly why slips happen. I’ve helped clients to reduce accidents, injuries and claims by 50% across various industries. I know slips can be stopped. We now need to get the word out more widely… and I believe we need stronger legislation, too.”

You can win one of 100x free slip tests on offer to promote this cause. See for details

Rebecca Lambert
Author: Rebecca Lambert


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